terça-feira, 31 de março de 2009

Lackluster EPs

Encontrei no blog The Next Instruments in Musical Harmony uma referência ao novo ep de Lackluster - Cold Trail EP na Acroplane.

Acroplane Recordings Writeup:
"The 1st release on Acroplane by Lackluster. 'One of a kind' is the expression,
which best describes the Finnish electronic music auteur Esa Ruoho, regardless whether we are talking about the organic quality of his music under the artist name Lackluster or just the artist himself in his private life. Esa Ruoho is truly an original; a homegrown and uncompromising composer and an eccentric explorer of science and nature.
The Cold Trail EP is Esa at his melodic best."

Download (.zip)

01. 100102
02. Hundredbars
03. Casiopiukkajatko
04. 021201
05. Defocus
06. 230304

cover artwork by KAVI

p.s. incidentally 23rd of march 2009 (the releasedate of the Cold Trail EP) is the anniversary of the original march 23rd 1989 Fleischmann/Pons Cold Fusion tabletop experiment. isn't that nice?

E para quem gosta de lackluster, aproveite-se para se mencionar outro EP também algo recentemente editado, desta feita na Two Circles

Download (.zip)

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