segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2009

xs 55 e 56

[xs-57] Various Artists XS compilation coming next week

[xs-56] egotron - egotron
Katarina Magalhães is egotron and vice versa. Both share kellogs froot loops fashion design and listening and making music. Has sound artist, she learned by her self to use Ableton Live software for her musical creativity process. In term of influences one can find reminiscences of electro/punk/pop totally electronic, in an almost low fi tronica sense. It can be recognized different sorts of influences from mylo, uclic, stereoboy, metronomy, the faint, cabaret voltaire, goldie or tricky. The symbiosis between music and fashion design is a key element to egotron, and although the world will lose someone with a potential for music maybe someday we can see her in the catwalk.
more details and stream
contact: myspace

[xs-55] lotus mecanica - the live sessions and jack d
In the last years in Portugal there has been recurring manifestations of the rockabilly movement, most of them centered on Coimbra. Bands, such as The Legendary Tiger Man, Wraygunn, and later, Nicotine Caffe Orchestra have come to the forefront of the underground Portuguese scene and extrapolating (at least the first two bands mentioned) to the mainstream. Choosing to publish a rockabilly band with a creative commons license is part of the xs premises of breaking all barriers in avoiding the choice to publish specific types of music, such as, electronic projects. Having said this, we present you Lotus Mecanica, a band that we believe has what it takes to be a rockabilly band. This is a live recording act, in which we can listen to Lotus Mecanica style, a kind of rockabilly blues dirty punk. Also to note, is the fact that we are discussing the idea of distributing a limited edition in digipack or cdr of this ep, so if you’re interested, just let us know.


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