terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

[xs-57] hola one - hygh

Hola one is Marek Ogorzatek, the same person behind lost reality, khhh, and morten - pa gyngende grund. Marek has started his music activity in the hip hop underground scene in the late 90's and has been working in electronic music since 2000, although only in 2007 he sucedeed implementing something that he thought had interest for himself, in an aesthetic way.

This was a basis for going throughout some existencial states, that condicioned his way of seeing life in limit situations. Lost Reality has been the result of it, and hola one works as an extension for this kind of sound. Here we have an interwine between experimental, ambient, minimal, micropoliphonic stuff, somewhere in the line of people such as brian eno, alva noto (in terms of textures), beatriz ferreyra, pauline oliveros and so on. Marek is a resident at Vombat Radio, where his tracks are featured in the electric city radio show.

artist: hola one
album: hygh download
release date: 5/4/2009
more details and stream
contact: myspace and radio

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