domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

+ Lackluster

O mais recente trabalho de Lackluster "Proof of Concept" acaba de ser disponibilizado pela Yuki Yaki:
Esa Ruoho is always on the go around the Electronica/IDM globe. Thus it is more than a touch of fortune that his restless wanderings washed him to our shores where he left behind a little chest for you.
Five lush Electronica pearls have been aligned to a handy EP under his most famous moniker, which shows certainly proof of not only some kind of concept but also of the unquestionable mastership that Esa exposes in all his musical works. Without trendy side blows some grumblers might call it traditional but the more enlightened listener is fairly aware that glistening tunes and sophisticated beat architecture in broad cinemascope will never ever become obsolete.


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