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EdP070 - The Golden Bough + EdP071 - From Ritual to Romance (double compilation)

Et Quid Amabo Nisi Quod Aenigma Est?

Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, a blog founded on January 15 2009, and whose sixth anniversary is commemorated with this release, was envisioned as a space for the nurturing of a “savage thought” (that is, of an undisciplined nature). In its essence, and as an individual project, it aims mostly to be a vehicle for its author’s vast-reaching interests, while at the same time harnessing them into some form of discipline. More than just a reflection on the fascination caused by the themes implicit to its lexical field of action, as shown by the coordinates and key concepts that define the boundaries of its territory, i.e. “Occultism” / “Esotericism”, this virtual space mainly maps some of the topologies enclosed in the History of Ideas. A vast and sometimes ignored area of Knowledge, whose apparently paradoxical character drives a magnetic pull towards the need to identify its true nature, as ubiquitously manifested along various historical cycles, in an unending drama staged in the theatre of the Anima Mundi. This is, in fact, the true raison d’être of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele.
As a direct result of its existence, November 2010 saw the publication of the book “Summa Techno(i)logicae”. This work, as implied by its title, is a thoroughly compiled and systematised patchwork reflecting the interests that guide its author’s research. From then on, periodic collaborations with other projects ensued, such as the magazines Finis Mundi, Infernus and Antibothis.
Still under the aegis of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, and always through the establishment of complicities and connections, a number of events were created and carried out in the past six years. This set of actions (with Music as a constant common denominator) has had as its main goal the evocation of the life and work of various figures that have left behind crucial legacies. The people celebrated include the musician John Balance (Coil); the historian of religions Mircea Eliade; the poet and theatre director Antonin Artaud; the philosopher Georges Bataille; and the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. It is also worth mentioning the series of events spanning along the year 2013, Occult Esoterica AV Gatherings, curated in collaboration with intermedia artist Ana Carvalho.
The proposal made to EdP – Editora do Porto (in the person of its administrator, João Ricardo) for the release of this compilation emerges as a consequence of shared common cosmologies which have gradually been transmuted into friendship, and also of João Ricardo’s encyclopaedic musical knowledge, while the invitations made to the artists taking part in it are the logical result of a chaining together of elective affinities (a process permanently taking place since the first Homeric dawn).

Júlio Mendes Rodrigo
Porto, December 23, anno 2014, era vulgaris

Concept: Die Elektrischen Vorspiele & EdP – Editora do Porto
Graphic Design: David Matos (Shutupandance)
Liner notes translation: Filipe Silva

EdP070 - The Golden Bough

Albrecht Loops – Tarso

Augen – Lull Media

Cotton Ferox – Temporarily Shamanic

ocp – operador de cabine polivalente – Pluma

Stealing Orchestra – Böcklin's Isle Of The Dead

Iurta – Neurostasis

f a n t a s m a – Cometa 67P/CG

Two White Monsters Around A Round Table – The CaveV1


EdP071 - From Ritual to Romance

Angélica V. Salvi – Atalayas

João Pais Filipe – The Wheel

Kanukanakina –Obsoleto Modo


Nova Orquestra Futurista do Porto – Tex.Vid.Par.2

HystericalOneManOrchestra – Eight Thirds Or Approximately Two Six Six Six

Evil Schmidt – Hate Is Our Top Priority

Terra Oca – La Lune

Sturqen – Hirito

Thee UM Rev Al L Aguero – William S. Burroughs Invocation

Walt Thisney – Nightcrawler

Marc Hurtado – Unis

Val Denham (with Farmacia) – Apollo

Harpoemacto – Lava


GRATIA (by alphabetical order):
Alberto Lopes, Alrucini, Ana Carvalho, André Coelho, Angélica V. Salvi, Caos, Carl Abrahamsson, Carla Filipe, César Rodrigues, David Arantes, David Matos, Fernando Cerqueira, Filipe Silva, Gabi von Dub,
Henrique Fernandes, J. A., Jean-Baptiste Bayle, João Guimarães,
João Mascarenhas, João Pais Filipe, João Ricardo, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, José Pedro Carvalho, Manuel dos Reis, Marc Hurtado, Miguel Pipa,
Nuno Marques Pinto, Pedro Centeno, Pedro Salvado Santos, Rafael Cortés, Sigil, Thee UM Rev Al L Aguero, Thomas Tibert, Val Denham.

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[EN] Latest album by M-PeX, his 5th on Enough Records is a double album. It draws it's inspirations from two odysseys: Homero's and Kubrik's. The first cd, sub-titled "Prologus" is entirely acoustic, with M-PeX on the Portuguese guitar and André Coelho on double bass. The second cd is titled "Epilogus", adding electronic elements to the sounds and featuring additional guest artist DJ X-Acto providing some additional electronics and scratch sounds. Artwork by Marco Madruga.

[PT] Mais recente album de M-PeX, o seu quinto lançado pela Enough é um album duplo. Inspirado em duas odisseias, a de Homero e a de Kubrik. A primeira parte entitula-se "Prologus" e consiste em 6 temas completamente acústicos, com M-PeX na guitarra portuguesa e André Coelho no contra-baixo. A segunda parte entitula-se "Epilogus" e acrescenta elementos electrónicos com a colaboração do artista convidado DJ X-Acto. Grafismo de Marco Madruga.

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[EdP069] Lara Pearl - medial age /// / algo como era medial

medial ages - Live A/V Audiovisual Performance & Installation

It is influenced by theories of postmodernism, post-colonialism, relies in the aesthetics of noise, it is supported by cybernetics and the relations between Art, Science and Technology. It is influenced by Political Art, Activism, Hacktivism, Human Rights and Policies of Heritage.

DIY Installation: Synthesizers: DIY Oscillators, 555 Synthrotek Time Oscillator, Arduino Potentiometers. Control 9V input and transform it into sound.

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The Easton Ellises - Nightwavs

[EN] Enough Records is proud to present their 6th Easton Ellises release called Nightwavs. Fruit of a twelve month effort, Nightwavs is the Montreal band’s latest studio EP. Many songs were written in but only a select few made the cut. On the record you will find a refreshing sound that goes from rock with 80s synthesizers a la Duran Duran, to disco with "funky" guitars a la Nile Rodgers, which is reminiscent of the recent Daft Punk success "Get Lucky". You can find creative commons samples of their songs available on ccmixter. There is also a video produced under a Creative Commons license for the 3rd song on the EP entitled Falcon 69.

[PT] A Enough Records apresenta a sua 6a edição dos The Easton Ellises entitulada Nightwavs. Após 12 meses de esforço, esta nova edição é o mais recente EP gravado em estúdio da banda Canadiana. Com sonoridades que vão desde o rock com sintetizadores dos anos 80 à la Duran Duran, ao disco com guitarras "funky" a la Nile Rodgers, reminescente do recente sucesso dos Daft Punk "Get Lucky". Os samples das músicas dos The Easton Ellies encontram-se disponiveis para remisturas no ccmixter. Está também disponivel um video do terceiro tema do EP: Falcon 69.

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[EdP068] Daniele Ciullini - Resti

Italian electronic music composer, Daniele Ciullini, is back to EdP - Editora do Porto with a full album of "remains".
In this thought provoking work you'll find the vestiges of a plausible life story, left in the open, to the winds…

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Projekt Klangform - Character-E / Traumwelt RMX

[EN] Bridging techno, idm and industrial electronic sounds, in 2010 several projects from the German collective [Esc.] Laboratory did a series of remixes for Projekt Klangform. This album is the result.

[PT] Ligando o techno, idm e o industrial, em 2010 diversos projectos do colectivo Alemão [Esc.] Laboratory fizeram uma série de remisturas para Projekt Klangform. Este album é o resultado.

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