segunda-feira, 21 de abril de 2008

EXurban release on xs records

About EXurban (by José Luis aka Gift of Vision):

"this both artist bring more than an empty space composition cliche, actually they discover a forgotten world, a world that is there but nobody notices it anymore... or anybody wants to notice. and it is because watching the slideshow, it inmediately takes you to a walk tru the corridors, the rooms and halls. And the questions come to surface in a second? what happened here? what kind of people was attended in this room? it was a injuried soldier? a happy pregnant mother giving birth?
an old man waiting for the last breath of his life?

While the walk continues on every picture, a feeling of sadness, solitude, forgotten, depressive and nostalgic when the sun tries in vain to warm these rooms, and a mistery around it is overpassing the eyes, mind and hearth of the expectator, but... stop walking is not a choice. at the same time thousands of questions will remain with no answer: why this place is not used anymore? why they dont just tear it down and build a new thing? does anybody cares about this place? all that dust, rusty, broken windows and wide empty spaces just remain quiet with memories of echoes, voices and situations that happened there and no one will tell.

even worse for my hearth: die minimalistic background sounds makes me going down, keeping my hearth cold, hopeless for an answer and fitting to my heartbeat and unexpected noises turns my skin with goosebumps not of scary, but yes: for emptyness.

I loved it, yes, this travel took me to the basement of my own personal ghosts and took me back to reality, I would recommend to everyone to have this travel and find their own basements without the classical gothic way for personal suffering: just real places, real pictures and the real noises in your head. I will be waiting for the next walk."

In this new release of the german colective EXurban, crossover by two influent projects of the electronic german music scene, we find some sort of aproaching between languages as, for an instance, dark ambient, electronica, musique concrete, field recordings, electroacustic music, idm, downtempo, and so on. An ecletic experience, to see, taste, smell and listen. Recomended.Download (.zip)

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