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No Labels No Musics IV - Field Recording Composition Project

EdP net label and present: No Labels No Musics IV - Field Recording Composition Project Deadline January 6, 2013 Please read the Guidelines before beginning The electro-music/EdP sound collage project No Labels No Musics challenges musicians to create original compositions from the existing field recording archive. Participants will be limited to field recordings as the only sound sources, but are encouraged to chop, mutilate, and process until cooked to desired flavor. For this project: 1. Participants use ONLY the field recordings in the to construct your pieces. If you have your own recording(s) that you would like to use outside of the archive, we ask that you upload your field recordings and add them to the archive. One of the interesting aspects about this project is observing the differences between artists when everyone has equal access to the same source material sounds. More often than not, no two people will use a field recording the same way, especially if processed. 2. Original compositions should be anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes in length. Tracks need to be in FLAC format. 3. When you are finished, you can upload your track preferably to soundcloud or your website, and email the link to João at ~ DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR TRACK HERE 4. Please supply the following information for your track: Name: Track Title: Notes: (optional) 5. Deadline for submission is Sunday January 6th, 2013. Project will be published under a creative commons license at EdP netlabel with João Ricardo. Thanks João! This is NOT a competition or a contest. This is simply a creative project to explore soundscapes and designs to see what can be carved from this source material. Please post any questions about the project here in the thread or if you are a member of electro-music here.

Download or listen to the previous releases:

Good luck, have fun, and pleasant composing! Shane

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