terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

EdP Sampler I

EdP - Editora do Porto - is one year old!
To celebrate it's first year of existence, a compilation has been put together as a sampler of what you might find among our releases.
Some artists have been left out so make sure you check those out too.
Now, time to enjoy the first selection (with more to come).
Click cover to download .zip file.


[EdP008] ps - psmac017_s001
[EdP016] DNP X Citer - X-N[T]M #3.3
[EdP020] DOM - verbena
[EdP007] Aide Auditive and Miosine - F
[EdP006] Lapa - B2
[EdP001] Astronota - terra
[EdP012] Ricardo Webbens - Eagle of the uncertain 2
[EdP013] Fora - Harold's Piano
[EdP011] Pi-Om - Falta de Tanga
[EdP021] Meczup - Puriest Morning of All Times
[EdP022] BAS - Churriosa
[EdP024] Antimon & klangumsetzer - fasern
[EdP026] Pedro - The Brahms

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Leonardo Rosado disse...

parabéns... e que continue por mais anos :)

ocp disse...

obrigado ( ;