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News on xs records

[xs-14] Tiago Morgado - Playing to GhostsYou are in the middle of nothing.you are surrounded by the darkness and the emptiness of your mind, surrounded by ghosts. your ghosts, not the ghosts of anyone else. you want to run, but you cannot hidde from yourself. and then, at the end of a tunel, you see yourself highlighted with a piano, in the middle of a theatre. you want to play, but you cannot because there is not anyone to listen to you. only your ghosts are sitted in the middle of the audience. then, when the concert ends up, you wake up. you see that you were not sleeping. and then you want to continue with your routine, but you are not able to because you feel empty and tired of living and bleeding the dreams of someday.

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About the [xs-09] Minson Hidden Monster EP release
We’re glad to anounce that the minson Hidden Monsters EP, released in March, is finally available for listening. here we have a text present on the cover which induces us in the mtihologycal theme of the album.

“Beneath us was nothing now to be seen but a black tempest, till looking east between the clouds & the waves, we saw a cataract of blood mixed with fire and not many stones throw from us appeard and sunk again the scaly fold of a monstruous serpent: at last to the east, distant about three degrees appeard a fiery crest above the waves slowly it reared like a ridge of golden rocks till we discoverd two globes of crimson fire, from which the sea fled away in clouds of smoke, and now we saw, it was the head of Leviathan, his forehead was divided into streaks of green & purple like those on a tygers forehead: soon we saw his mouth & red gills hang just above the raging foam tinging the black deep with beams of blood, advancing toward us with all the fury of a spiritual existence.”
BLAKE, William, The Marriage Of Heaven and Hell

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