domingo, 30 de março de 2014

[EdP065] FLAUB - Easy Trip to Outer Space

As an act to capture the undefinable, as deep as consciousness could trespass. Like a concrete proof of another life form, hidden behind the veil. Away from everyday perception, as far as sound quest could transgress. Kicking around your psyche as a risky journey not suitable for satisfied minds. An abstruse voyage to a distant place but still somewhere in this universe, plenty of synthetic excitements.

02.The Quantum Machine
03.Discovery Crackle
04.Bug on Control Room
06.Welcome to Void


Fernando Laub (aka flaub) is a composer and visual artist native from Buenos Aires Argentina and Austrian origin who designs and builds his own musical instruments. With the aim of compiling sonic substance and creating new devices from old industrial machines and recycled scrap, he spent several years living into an abandoned factory reconditioned as a sound laboratory. Among those indoor quests he use to travel around the world documenting sonic and visual material from jungles to urban situations. This way his music not only describes pictures, it will transport you to a sort of surreal scenarios, images that are quite difficult to define.

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