sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2012

99 Anonymous Mixtape 4

[EN] Fourth release of a series of mixtapes raising awareness to the Anonymous, #antisec, Wikileaks and Occupy Wall Street movements. This fourth release also focuses on SOPA / PIPA, ACTA and #PL118. Organized in colaboration with xDA hackerspace, this release is part of Enough Records social and political activist sub-label Anonymous Archives and has it's own minipage. Mixed by ps. Cover by Roland Henry.

[PT] Quarto volume de uma série de mixtapes com o objectivo de chamar a atenção aos colectivos e movimentos sociais Anonymous, #antisec, Wikileaks e Occupy Wall Street. Esta quarta edição também se foca na SOPA / PIPA, ACTA e #PL118. Organizado em colaboração com o hackerspace xDA, esta edição faz parte da sub-label Anonymous Archives orientada a activismo social e politico. Para mais informações sobre esta edição por favor visitem a página. Misturado por ps. Grafismo por Roland Henry.

01) Frank Boyant - Starving to Death (ps's Portuguese Anonymous Remix)
02) Copy Your Idols - Art Is Dead (Ifland & Klatt's Final Nail Edit)
03) Dainon - ACTA
04) TheJuiceMedia: RAP NEWS 4 - Wikileaks vs The Pentagon - WWWAR on the Internet
05) unknown artist - Occupy
06) unknown artist - #FFF
07) The Easton Ellises - Glitches
08) TheJuiceMedia: RAP NEWS X - #Occupy2012
09) Megaupload - Mega Song
10) TheAnonMessage - Operation Black Out
11) Pedro Esteves - #pl118
12) kokori - PL118
13) Hanging By A Name - The Shape
14) Ink & One - I Occupy Wall Street

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