sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

[FbL009] landcrash - the silhouette that the leaves make against the sky


A journey is a beautiful thing. In most cases the journey is as important as the destination it takes you, or the final copy of something you create. The silhouette that the leaves make against the sky takes you through a number of journeys over the course of twenty-two minutes, and each one of these is breathtaking.

I decided to go on an expedition of my own, accompanied by the music of Daniel Hopkins aka Landcrash. I began by walking the streets of my town without knowledge of where I was going or how I was going to get there, and as each track played out before me like a mini narrative I felt compelled to write about the stories that came to my mind, illustrated by this release.

In the distance I could hear the echoing thud of tools against wood, a carpenter slowly shaping his creation one knock at a time, guiding himself through a creative process which would end in something timeless. Walking further I pictured a young child with his head held high in awe of the passing clouds, on a journey of his own. As the final seconds of the record fade away I felt I had come far enough and my own short journey was over.

In listening to this release, Landcrash has illustrated to me pockets of discovery and creation. And so I leave you with one suggestion, wherever and whenever your next journey takes you, let The silhouette that the leaves make against the sky accompany that journey, it will make it all the more sweeter.

Alex Stretton

cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd November 2010

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