segunda-feira, 7 de setembro de 2009

PHTC018 / Mo’town Junkie – Cuts and Raw Tapes

One never knows when a clue in a form of a soil sample or a ….

This release is a simple collection of outtakes from several months of production messing with samples collected mostly from retro and vintage sources funded in cybernetic archives and hand craft tape registries ripped and shared in the most recondite blogs around the >infernet … if you are so kind to take some minutes of your diary play list routine and listen it with you favorite headphones …you probably will find some weird musical takes usually slowed down and contrasted with some usual hop beats, some audio cinematic moments inserted like a subliminal brainwashing experience driving you mad till made you totally slowmotion dancing doll … this 6 raw tracks have been haunting around in my hard drive for almost 2 years … time to share it.

Download (.zip)

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