domingo, 19 de julho de 2009

[xs-62] hola one & elka brown - visitors

In this new release by XS Records, Marek is back, this time together with elka brown, who has colaborated in this album with a remix of a song and some more colaborations. Personally, the main difference I see between this and the last album, is basically the production (in terms of mixing and mastering) which is signifcantly better in relation to last one.. also there has started to appear some drum machine components, which give a more rithmic character to visitors that hygh. Marek is a resident at Vombat Radio, where his tracks are featured in the electric city radio show, and which has allowed us to be partners of that radio. Hope you guys enjoy this release as much as we've done.

artist: hola one & elka brown
album: visitors

release date: 18/07/2009
cover art: back & front

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