terça-feira, 24 de março de 2009

Eluder - Drift [AH300]

Ao ouvir uma compilação de inverno recentemente editada descobri uma gema pelo artista Electricwest, que aparenta ser um alterego de um outro projecto que recentemente editou na aclamada Archaic Horizon:

Eluder's "Drift" is our latest offering of wavering ambient releases. The EP is comprised of four tracks full of hazy drones, dense textures and milky warmth. "Drift" carries a solemn, and sometimes desolate timbre evoked through its processed and swollen tones. Additionally, a spirituality is evoked through the music's lonely but peaceful sonics and through its inhabitance of a seemingly surreal expansive space. Eluder (aka Electricwest) has crafted this rich depth and antiqued sonic atmosphere in each of the four tracks using a complex but still minimal sound.

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