segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2009

Mel - Un [BP018]

"Aogu Yoshida has begun to release that "Mel" works as "on_14" or "ao" first, He was released on an experimental netlabel such as Test Tube and MiMi Records. "on_14" was characterized by the electric guitar drone. "Mel" is his next experiment. He produces the music that put rhythm and field recording, a soft drone together in "mel". "Mel" reflects his backgrounds such as IDM or electronica.

about "Un"
The production of "Un" was started in autumn, 2008. "Un" consists of a soft drone and simple rhythm, field recording. "Un" is peaseful work and has the sound that calmed down. The field recording arouses a town and a natural scene."

Download (.zip)

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