domingo, 12 de outubro de 2008

Xarope - Xarhope EP

O projecto Xarope vêm do centro do país (Coimbra) e é a edição mais recente da netlabel Electro Rucini. Deixo o press release em inglês da edição:

Improvisational environments if not almost conceptual hapening soundscapes or maybe the magical imaginary of adventure comics with its exotic events and odd feelings celebrating the acoustical melodicas.

From Coimbra - Portugal - Tahiti, starting with "Corto Maltese" crossing Santa Clara bridge, this utopia is to be free never to be finished. "Tom Sawyer" is in the joy of dusk when "Nadja" reveals one logic truth: where there is shadow there is light but listen to "Arlequim" seeking for it in deeply weeps. After the innocent sadness of "Pierrot" and its melancholic revenge to an end. Finaly "Godot" is in savage ground.

Somehow their roots settle on psychedelic dubism and nu-jazz with exelent expression on rhythms and mellow compositions. Not high-fidelity recordings but high harmonics on rough conditions were mixed with the noble ability to lead our mind into the unexpected.

Download (.zip)

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