terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Long Desert Cowboy - Finareia

Runtime: 27'31''

«What kind of feeling puts together the barren solitude of Sergio Leone's western spaghettis and the ultra heavy suspense of David Lynch's complex dramas? Living in Alentejo may have something to do with it, but Daniel Catarino's own life experiences and close contact with a deserted inland are most likely the paint in the canvas, or the roll in the camera, if you wish.

From 'Western Spaghetti' and 'Sandshoes' to this new work 'Finareia' something changed, and for the better. If Long Desert Cowboy's thick ambient collages borrowed something from Ry Cooder before, they've done the same with Angelo Badalamenti this time, Lynch's favorite soundtrack composer. If you swap the redwood pines for the desert cactus, most of the ambients created here are very reminiscent of Twin Peaks. And in a way, they carry the same dramatic narrative, only to be broken into pieces as soon as you hear Clint Eastwood's 'Blondie' talking to his villainous partner.

Highly suggestive track names like 'Spitting on a dead fascist', 'Hang my gun up in the wall' or 'Hanging a cow by the neck' complete the task of creating the perfect ambient for the listener to dive into, closing his eyes and picturing himself inside a David Lynch movie. Get this now!» - Pedro Leitão

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Virga (curta metragem com OST de Long Desert Cowboy)

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