quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

VVAA "In Memoriam Andrey Tarkovsky"

A netlabel Musica Excentrica acaba de lançar uma compilação dedicada a um dos mais interessantes realizadores de cinema do seculo XX: Andrey Tarkovsky.

Aqui fica a transcrição do texto que acompanha o lançamento desta compilação
In the entire history of cinema there has never been a director, who has made such a dramatic stand for the human spirit as he did. Today, when cinema seems to have drowned in a sea of glamorized triviality, when human relationships on screen have been reduced to sexual intrigue or sloppy sentimentality, and baseness rules the day - this man appears as a lone warrior standing in the midst of this cinematic catastrophe, holding up the banner for human spirituality. The Genius of modern Russian cinema - hailed by Ingmar Bergman as "the most important director of our time" - died an exile in Paris in December 1986.

After 22 years, passed from that year we decided to ask Kim Cascone, Astro, Violet, 833-45, Kenneth Kirschner, Astrowind, Pink Twins, Alva Noto, Nobukazu Takemura and Nikita Golyshev what do they think about Tarkovsky's phenomenon. This "musical answers" are now gathered in a big compiliation, and we invite everyone to explore it.

Download (.zip)

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Ogata T3tsuo disse...

LOL! Eu ia colocar essa compilação... que está com um line-up de luxo.
É sem dúvida um must listen/have.