domingo, 25 de maio de 2008

Lili Hirakawa - Spectrum

One of the most fascinating aspects of the netaudio phenomenon is the infinite margin left for experimentation and the breaking of every rule, taboo and format. The possibility of disobedience to the classic song format, not being concerned with the length of a theme, not being forced unto a chorus for immediate consumption, etc, etc, as said before, the infinite possibilities, are up to each producer to decide…

Spectrum is, apparently, a one-track EP. I stress the apparently because in practical terms we can consider a track with several tempos as a story with different chapters, where the perfect assemblage of certain sound elements act as a guiding line, reminding us in each new chapter, the main aspects of the previous ones.

This story, authored by the Japanese producer Lili Harakawa, is joyful, full of movement and filled with somewhat exotic colours, aromas and flavours. It is a dream where the electronics is both bridge and vehicle on a journey between the primordial elements air, fire, water and earth, and we definitely cannot get enough of it …
BrainDanceDownload (.zip)

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