sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2011

Cementimental presents 1 second chipnoise comp which took way too long

Compilation net-release of one-second-long chipnoise/chiptune/8bit/videogame/micromusic. 259 tracks!

Originally proposed on as a parody of a compilation of one minute tracks, more contributions later solicited on various other chiptune and noise forums.

Original discussion thread with complete tracklist and original call for entries here.

Discogs catalog page for the release.

Thanks Zach for being crazy/bored enough to make a youtube video with artist and track titles on screen :)

...and a fully artist + track title-tagged mp3 version.

Please note that track 228 by Rain Rien is, rather than an audio track, a text file containing a url.

Click cover to download.

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