segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

[FbL007] ldetm - farewell

The combination of two or more ideas that seem contradictory is always a good starting point to arise to new perspectives and different points of view, which ultimately lead us to think about our own actions and feelings. In my opinion, Philipp Teister’s work revolves around this concept, and his Farewell ep is nothing more than one proof of concept. The combination of an apparent innocent guitar with electronic harsh sounds, take us into a post-modern world, where anything can happen. From being kissed by a stranger passing by, to witnessing a building collapse. And after listening to the whole ep we can imagine this world, a post-romantic place that revolves around ourselves.

When talking with Philipp Teister aka ldetm about his work and Farewell two things striked me as very interesting. The first was that part of his inspiration comes from Bob Dylan’s work and the second one is that he would like to have orange in the cover of the ep, more specifically an orange Sun. These fragments of unstructured questions and answers are astonishingly coherent with his work in Farewell, because although I cannot describe exactly why he said that two things, I totally agree, that this is in fact an infected rock ep, infected by life itself, by its imperfections but nonetheless a vibrant world.

Leonardo Rosado

drawing by Philipp Teister
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd September 2010

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