segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

[FbL002] danny spacecat - moon ghosts ep

"FeedbackLoop Label presents 'Danny Spacecat' the experimental, ambient-psychedelic recordings by 'The Runnies' guitarist, Peter Adcock. 'Moon Ghosts' was recorded on and off in the months after a Close Encounter of the First Kind. A sighting in Tudweiliog, Wales, of mysterious bright objects which flickered and danced around the Moon. This ep is part of the 'Moon Ghosts' album which is 36+ minutes of music to prepare you for deep space travel, or ideal as background music when having sex with an alien.

This release marks a new turn for FeedbackLoop Label by welcoming new collaborators João Castro and madSavVy Productions and this first release of a series of free download eps"

Leonardo Rosado

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