segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Monotonik goes on hiatus

Read all about it at Simon's blog.
And listen to the 6 new last releases from them while you're at it:
- MTK214: Malty Media - ‘Buk Buk Buk EP’ - a New Zealand duo’s Orb-esque sample-strewn frippery.
- MTK215: Casimir’s Blake - ‘The Silence In Fragile Space’ - a UK artist’s full drifting album-length stellar odyssey.
- MTK216: Clark Vent - ‘Scene Sexshun’ - bleepy super-swift idm goodness from another pseudonym of Finnish artist Flutterspot.
- MTK217: Kuu - ‘Pixels EP’ - veteran Monotonik artist Substance returns with uptempo idm/breaks gorgeousness.
- MTK218: Dead Eros - ‘Bone Mountain’ - another stalwart Mtk releaser ends things out with spiky U.S. electronic goodness.
- MTK219: Mike Kidd - ‘Impermanence EP’ - nothing lasts forever, as this drum and melody-strewn debut exhibits gloriously enough.

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