quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

[xs-69] heitor alves - gimme some more sounds

Today we present you the amazing gimme some more sounds, a work done by Heitor Alves, during a workshop with Vitor Rua (GNR, Telectu, Organização), and Dwart, that took place in the summer of 2009. This work is a simple and amazing multi-track recording, featuring a very naif, and well-acomplished work, which features improvisation, with found instruments, namely a whole-range of instruments, that are basically found objects, and which reflect the best spirit and stuff made by Heitor Alves, when trying to seek for transposing with transcendentalism his personal life experiences of the summer, to the music he made. Aesthetically it basically results, in a simple, but well archieved recording which comes from the ideias of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry, to Pauline Oliveros, going throught stuff like John Cage, and Beatriz Ferreira. All made with a very personal aproach, throught improvisation, and studio recording techniques

For those who don't actually don't know, Heitor Alves builds electronic instruments, having already build to people such as Vitor Rua, Rafael Toral among others. You can find them in http://www.musicfromouterspace.com/.

Have a nice day listening to this music, and share this experience with your family and friends.

download: (.zip)

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