segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

EME.LL - Olhares de Outono 2009

After 8 years of EME, this year EME turned EME.LL – EME Live Laptops, as part of the Olhares de Outono Festival. This year's edition is a parallel event, an off ramp, dedicated exclusively to laptops in the live performance context.
After 10 years of use of the laptop as a performance instrument it seems to be now time to consider it’s implications with regard to the work process and production, be it an instrument or the function of a system.
This edition will consist of a one day symposium with 16 laptopers, followed by a day of performances. All the 16 guests have in common their extended use of the laptop in a real time performance context.
The group will make a collective performance -16 Laptops (12 laptops on sound and 4 laptops on visuals) followed by a solo laptop from one of the most recognized electronic activists: Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner.

Sound: João Ricardo, Ivan Franco, Carlos Santos, Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Tudela, Pedro Almeida, Nuno Moita, André Gonçalves, The Beautiful Schizophonic, Rui Costa, Jerome Faria, Vitor Joaquim.

Visuals: Hugo Olim, André Sier, Alba G.Corral, Laetitia Morais.

22 de Novembro [21:30 - 22:30] - Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, Porto

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