domingo, 7 de junho de 2009

[xs-59] Essl.Burger. Live!

segue a press review da nova edição da minha netlabel, a gravação de performances de karlheinz essl com klaus burger no museu essl na alemanha. karlheinz essl é uma das principais figuras da actualidade da performance com live electronics. teve background de contrabaixista, mas decidiu dedicar-se à música electrónica. actualmente, com phd na área da computer music, é uma das mais emblemáticas figuras da música electrónica nos nossos dias. criou a library de objectos para MaxMSP RTC-lib

As a netlabel, we've always been worried about bringing music with an ascending quality to people, although some our releases seem a bit controversial, since we try to get as much diversity as possible.

This month, we can say that we are extremely proud to release Karlheinz Essl's and Klaus Burger's duo ESSL.BURGER. Not only because Karlheinz Essl is one of the most relevant figures of nowadays improvised music with live electronics in Europe, but also because we believe that together with our previous release and the following we might be heading to new pathways and manners of discovering ourselves in the music we are in contact with (in our music as an ascetic path belief), and in what we believe to be our role in this universe.

Tiago Morgado (reviewed by Leonardo Rosado)

artist: essl.burger
album: live!

release date: 07/06/09
contact: Karlheinz Essl myspace homepage & youtube - Klaus Burger myspace & homepage
free improvisations for brass and electronics

ESSL.BURGER was born when two distinct individuals, composer Karlheinz Essl and tuba player Klaus Burger met for a free improvisational gig in 2004. Out of the blue and without arrangements these two spirits met in time and space and their sounds melted together in a way which has never been heard before. Since then Karlheinz Essl's and Klaus Burger's paths continue to cross from time to time at different points on the planet. Their mutual goal is to experience new ways of musical communication and to create stunning sonic worlds where the sounds of brass and electronics evolve into a unique musical entity

Klaus Burger is one of the finest tuba players in Europe with strong connections to contemporary music, but his music also has roots in extra-European traditions such as Mongolian music. Aside from playing the tuba, he is a master on a strange trombone-like instrument called cimbasso, and he plays the didgeridoo as if he lived in the Australian outback.

Beyond his work as a composer of experimental music, Karlheinz Essl has developed his own electronic instrument called m@ze°2, which is based on a computer program written in Max/MSP. Since 1998 he has been using his realtime composition environment predominantly for free improvised music. He has performed with the crème de la crème of avantgarde music. With his instrument Essl can interact spontaneously to any kind of sound environment or music utilizing a variety of external controllers in order to shape the musical output.

ESSL.BURGER live! was recorded on March 4, 2007 during the artacts 07 festival for jazz and improvised music in St. Anton (Tyrol, Austria) and at the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg/Vienna (Austria) on June 3, 2007.

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