sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

STFU Porto 2009


:: Quinta 30 de Abril
Photo Projection: One Letter Photography
Video Art: Zdenko Hlinka [SK]
Main Stage: Filmjölk [BE], ps vs Sektor 304
Ambient Lounge: OCP
After-party DJ: Infekt[ion]

:: Sexta 1 de Maio
Photo Projection: Joana Queiroz
Video Art: Leonel Ranção
Main Stage: 1n.c1.d3.n7, CasaNova vs Bushmeat
Ambient Lounge: Vysehrad, Murw [NL]
After-party DJ: Luiz Soncini

:: Sabado 2 de Maio
Photo Projection: Joana Ranção
Video Art: structura.imago
Main Stage: Most people have been trained to be bored, Oocito II
Ambient Lounge: Unknown Forces of Everyday Life [UK]
After-party DJ: [Replycant]

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