quarta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2009

March Rosetta - In Randomness There Are Numbers

«March Rosetta is Tom Carter and comes from London, U.K. Under March Rosetta he has released a handful - or better yet, two handfuls - of releases for several netlabels around the web, apart from releasing some physical ones for his own home, Verlaine Records.
Tom has a genuine talent to create songs, and his musical background and influences take him to 80's pop territory, with a healthy dose of kitsch keyboard sounds thrown in sometimes, but still... great songs which he can be proud of because he also has a very sweet voice (reminds me of David Byrne sometimes) and his singing is just superb. You should get his latest release for Clinical Archives, 'Late in Time' (.ZIP) which is a great example of his singing and creative talent.

For 'In Randomness There Are Numbers' Tom puts his singing talent aside and concentrates in oldschool electronica disco dance tracks or whatever they should be called. These are five unbelievable sweet tunes for taking on the dancefloor of just nodding your head around. Better yet, take them out for some jogging or cycling, they work amazingly well.
Tom spreads his wings in almost every direction here, from 8bit techno to classic IDM to 80's synth pop to cheesy house. That should be enough nostalgia to keep your heart warm throughout this cold and windy winter.» - Pedro Leitão

Download (.ZIP)

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