domingo, 1 de fevereiro de 2009

Latest releases in Phonotactics ...

'Slylab is Deon, an indonesian citizen living in Bandung, West Java and he produces electronic music and explores the melodic shoegaze and downtempo sub-genres since 2005.

The first time I listened to this EP, it invaded me with a long sense of calm provided directly to my brain by the polyphonic melodies and minimal beats produced by this talented indonesian. If you are searching for open space for a little space odissey, then take this release into your digital bag right now.
Recommended to be played in track list order and to be listened by the end of the day, after landing in the distant galaxy of L.O.V.E.'

Download (.zip)

Sometimes find the chaos as a way of musical expression is not simple, and even more complicated is to have a rhythmic order over the chaos ... qualood have a high musical contrast between the chaotic ill ambiences and trip like beat style. Its all about a good experimental environments glitched and salted with some massive dubstep and trip hop beat components.

Kine and chino.K started many years ago with separated own projects and actually, after a long period of inspirational crisis of their minds, they decided to mix their ideas to do a fresh product for your brains. The QualooD's project was born due to communicate a new way to make electronic, music using the dialogue between web and the power of the new instruments (software and hardware)..

Download (.zip)

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