sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2009

Naoto Taguchi - Untitle 9 Framents ordinaires Sound Materials

«This small album by Japanese musician Naoto Taguchi comes only a few months after he released a four tracker at on;(do) music. Those four tracks were re-mixed and re-recorded, Naoto added four more and an extra one which is a remix of 'Untitled Fragments #3' by Daisuke Miyatani, a fellow artist.

Presentations aside, Naoto's music can be described as a gentle and complex tapestry of electroacoustic, field recordings and lush drones sounds. The release notes of his previous release talk about an artist which «is also an active dj with own distinguished style. His music combines electronic sounds and real-life sounds into static and poetic soundscapes that breathe like living compositions. His unique and precisely detailed music style often evokes listeners moving pictures and stories.», and this is a very accurate description of what Naoto Taguchi's music sounds like to me.»

Download (.zip)

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