domingo, 6 de julho de 2008

Novas releases na xs records

[xs 26] Cláudio Moreira Showcase @ fnac bragaparque 2-6-08

Steping aside presentations to those ones that have someway been inside the work of the netlabel, claudio moreira presents himsfelf in this new recording registry this time, in a small showcase in the braga's fnac, a small city in the north of Portugal
With an aesthetic aproach completely avant gard and influences which come from Boulez to Stockhausen to John Cage and so on, Claudio Moreira (horn compostion and radios) presents himself in this registry together with virigilio oliveira (basson and radios), with who performs his own works, and tiago morgado which joins them to make an intercourse between works of tiago morgado as a composer and improviser adn to the aesthetic of the instrumental writting of claudio moreira.
Even minding that it's a small work, it allows us to have a more clear wider and more concret and precise vision of the work of claudio moreira while composer and performer and eventually to reveal a future and promiser member of the next generation of portuguese musicians and composers.

[xs 25] La Stanza Bianca-Cristina Bardo Thodol

this fine band brings another great release to our netlabel where we can listen to some sort of intercourse between free improv and progressive/post-rock, resulting in an astonishing musical stuff

[xs 24] algo - there will never be another you

AL has found GO in a universe far away from here, l. where sun would come. AL was listening to Rihm and Shnittke and GO was listening to Alvo Noto and Murcof. It was love and hate at first sight. From this first and unique encounter there have gotten to the history this 11 digits, in shape of sound. For some people incompreensible, for other ones weird. For them, just ALGO.

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